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Eager to get psychic readings, but afraid of falling into the trap of a scammer with false psychic abilities? Then learn how to find out if a psychic is a scam here!

Psychic readings

Psychic readings and all paranormal things are at an all-time highest, as people finally begin to build trust in psychics. But what exactly is a psychic and how does they get their psychic abilities? A psychic is a person with an ability to sense things and energies, which goes way beyond the human perception of “normal”. The first thing that comes to mind when hearing a psychic is that these people are able to read mind, but that's a big fat myth. Psychics can't read minds, but they can read energies.

The psychics abilities come as a second nature to most psychics, but it is also possible to develop such through years of practice. The most popular method of psychics readings are the tarot cards. The tarot reading has become popular in the mid 15th century in Europe. However, before the tarot card meanings and interpretation were founded, the tarot cards were only used for playing games. Over the years, every card was featured with a mystical symbolism that only a psychic medium can read. But with the ever-increasing popularity of the tarot cards and psychic readings, many new decks have been presented with new themes and symbols.

There might be many things that a psychic reading can't tell, but there are plenty of things that it definitely can, so their power should not be underestimated. A tarot card reading, a psychic test or any kind of psychic reading can help you reveal the true energy around a particular situation and the consequences that may occur. For example, if you're eager to find your soul mate, a psychic can give you some suggestions how you can find the one. A psychic may also tell you a few characteristics about your soul mate that can help you identify it. It should go without saying that a psychic reading can change your life.

Psychic Scams - The Truths About Psychic Scammers

With the rise of psychics, many “scammers” got inspired to buy a deck of tarot cards and a crystal ball and give themselves psychic nicknames. This has made finding a real psychic more difficult than ever. There is no shortage in real psychic readings online, but how can you know which service is legitimate and which one to avoid? It's easy, because they all make the same mistakes. The first and most common one, scammers who offer psychic readings online for free ask a lot of questions regarding your personal financial information with only goal – to steal your identity. However, a real psychic doesn't need a lot of information to connect with you.

Another common scam is when a psychic medium tells you that you are cursed and the removal of that particular curse costs a fortune. They offer themselves to remove it as a service, but they might also offer to sell you some mystical items. Speaking of sales, scammers also tend to sell candles to people who are surrounded by a negative energy. And usually, every customer is surrounded by negativity and offered to buy exclusive candles as an efficient solution.

Most psychic scammers offer absolutely free psychic readings or at surprisingly low fees, because that's their way to lure you into being their customer. Once the scammer gets to know you better, they easily find a way to manipulate you and take more money from by selling you curse-removal items, throwing spell on others, removing negativity, etc. Their intention is to keep you as a long-term customer. These are just a few of the many things that online psychic scammers do to convince you to pay for their false psychic readings.

What Kinds of Questions to Ask a Psychic During a Reading

Everyone who is signing up for either expensive or free tarot psychic readings (probably) has a plenty of questions they'd like to get an answer to. But if you want to make your psychic session more efficient, you should know how to ask your questions to get more information. The first rule is to not ask passive questions that have a yes/no answer. For example, “Will I ever find my soul mate?”. Your destiny is not written on a stone so that a psychic can see it and tell it to you, but you are its creator. Psychics can't give you an answer to this sort of questions, except if they are scammers.

Many people turn to a psychic in order to get a reassurance when they are in doubt. Questions like “Should I quit my job?” say that you've already made your decision, but now you're looking for the support of a psychic. Psychic mediums are not responsible for your decisions and actions, so you better avoid asking this kind of questions. Also, you should avoid asking questions that begin with “When, Who, How and Where”, because this way, you're looking for accurate information, which psychics cannot give.

The best way to prepare yourself for a psychic reading is to sort out all of your thoughts. Think about the part you want to know more about, whether it's your life, relationship, work, well-being or spirituality. To make your psychic reading more accurate, just stay open-minded and prepare yourself a set of questions that can get you as much information as possible. Stay laser-focused on your questions and don't forget to enjoy your psychic reading!