What Does it Mean When You Dream About Someone Repeatedly

Dreams are images and stories that our mind creates while we sleep and they can make us feel happy, sad, excited or scared. We all dream and sometimes our dreams can be mysterious, entertaining, confusing or very disturbing.

Dream About Someone

The most vivid dreams occur during deep REM sleep when our brains are most active. A study has shown that we dream four to six times per night, even if we don't remember our dreams the next day. There are so many theories about why we dream, but no one can tell for sure. Some experts believe that dreams have no purpose or meaning, while others claim that they are necessary for out mental, physical and emotional health and well-being.

However, almost everything we see in our dreams is encoded in symbols, rather than a clear and direct representation of our thoughts. So, if you're wondering what it might mean when you dream about someone, here's a few answers:

Dreaming About Someone

If someone is showing up in your sleeping mind every night, it's probably because that person is meant to be there. There are so many reasons why you might be dreaming about someone. The simplest reason could be that your simply fell asleep while thinking about this particular person, so it's only natural that they found their way inside of your sleep pattern. Another major reason could be that you've been thinking about this person a lot throughout the day, so of course they would appear in your subconscious dreams as well.

Dreaming About Someone You Like

Wondering what's the meaning of dreaming about someone you like? Dreaming about someone you like is not an uncommon experience. If you are dreaming about your crush, you are thinking too much of him or her. Dreaming about the person you like is simply a reflection of your own thoughts and feelings.

You need to pay close attention to what happens in the dream. If that person likes you back, then your dream symbolizes your acceptance and self-confidence. However, if that person rejects you in the dream, it is an obvious sign of being insecure. You are not confident enough about winning that person over and you are mentally preparing yourself for rejection.

Dreaming About Someone In A Sexual Way

These types of dreams are also known as "wet dreams" and they don't always mean that you're attracted to with that person. The dreams in which you have sex with a specific person show the emotional outflow associated with this basic human instinct. Having sexual dreams about someone doesn't mean necessarily mean that you want to engage in that behavior with that person and it's simply a way for sexual emotions to be outpoured. However, if you're having a sexual dream about someone you like, it could mean that you're attracted to them and you're relieving sexual tension through your dream.

Dreaming About Someone Who Has Died

Dreaming about someone who has died could either signify something positive or something negative and this depends on what happened in the dream. If the deceased is someone who was close to you, the dream offers you great comfort and liberation of your emotions and grief. However, such dreams could also mean that you have unsettled issues with the deceased and they offer insight and perspective. Sometimes, dead people appear in our dreams to reveal the reason of their death. If you are going through difficult times, the deceased person may return in your dreams to guide you or comfort you.